Regenerative Futures / think tank!

Regenerative Futures is a think tank for teams and leadership groups designed to spark a next level of sustainable thinking. During the think tank organisational values, ideals and future goals will be challenged in a creative process where vision mapping and storytelling is used to develop a holistic scenario of a sustainable future.

Regenerative Futures explores a next level of sustainability where the goal not only is to do minimum damage but to actually repair and help build up the earths eco-systems and ressources through new approaches to economy, technology, people and the natural world.

The purpose is to open the view for systemic design, spark original ideation and connect organisational agendas to the larger green transitioning of society.

A part of the process is to explore the role of individuals to connect through meaningful work ways of actively contributing to a sustainable future.

The think tank is a creative workshop format based on design thinking methods infused with inspirational talks, invited guests and other food for great thinking.


Planning: Regenerative Futures can be executed at different locations over the course of 1-3 days or spread over a longer period tailored to fit your team schedule. The think tank is open for organisations, companies and sustainable change-makers interested in exploring new levels of sustainability.

Duration: 24 – 72 hours.
Number of participants:
5 – 25

Danish and Polish
Companies, organisations, local governments, cluster organisations, startups.

Contact: Søren Femmer Jensen, Founder & Innovation Advisor  Phone: +45 30 279 111 Email:

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