We codesign solutions for a collaborative world.

Co.creative is a strategic design agency. Through systemic thinking, codesign methods and engaging communication we are here to grow local economies, accellerate startups and build people-first communities. 

services - what we do

Branding and Communications

We provide integrated communication services within branding, graphic design, digital solutions, social media, video, photography and PR.

and events

We facilitate team expeditions, business retreats and executive events to kickstart creative thinking and build collaborative spirit.


We design and execute startup programmes and platforms to accellerate preseed and seed startups. We also work with individual teams on business development and funding.

Rural-urban Transformation

We do integrated planning and execute citizen-driven development of regions, towns and local communities for sustainable living, especially in rural regions.


We develop and facilitate initiatives in the construction sector that support natural and healthy building materials, circular construction and open source architecture. 

Local Food

We develop local food ecosystems through community supported agriculture, crowdfunding, business model innovation and high-value product development for small scale food producers.

Time to plan an inspirational getaway for your team?

Try out one of our team expeditions, business retreats and executive events to kickstart creative thinking and build collaborative spirit. Walk and talk meetings has become a trademark of our praxis.

what our Clients say

industries - who we work with

Co-Creative works with pioneering startups, companies, public organisations and research institutions that aspire to develop green and human-centered solutions.

Our industry expertise covers food, agriculture, design, crafts, tourism, waste management, the building sector, community and regional development.

We have a veneration for working with startups, organisations and local communities outside the big cities. Sustainability is not reserved for the chosen few. It is for all who aspire to make a difference.

dna - why we are in business

The Co-Creative DNA is made up of 15 years of experimentation across the Nordics on how to drive sustainable transformation - in startups, established organisations and local communities. We are on a mission to green and grow local economies through circular business models, creative communities and collaborative platforms.

Co-Creative supports a next generation of sustainable solutions that work in decentral, local and rural settings. A thriving landscape of makers, artisans, digital fabricators, upcyclers, local food producers, experience providers and open source communities are important building blocks for a regenerative future. Accellerating sustainable businesses and rethinking circular economy from a local perspective is what we see as our finest task.

Some of our clients

Driving sustainability for organisations with a purpose
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