CASE Study - Bornholm Craft Weeks

Makers Island launches
Bornholm Craft Weeks
creative festival


In 2017 Bornholm was the first region in Europe and the first island community in the world to be honored the title of World Craft Region. SInce then the craft community has been growing even more rapidly leading to the natural step of hosting a large international craft event.


In 2021 Co.creative was commisioned to conceptualise and develop the format and identity for a craft festival on Bornholm. The work was done as a codesign process in close collaboration with representatives of the craft community on Bornholm.


We created a strategy, visual identity and a creative concept for the a Bornholm Craft Weeks event. The integrated concept included development of visuals, graphics and thematic programme for structuring the event over 5 weeks.

Client: Makers’ Island

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