CASE Study - 588 startup Programme

Is it possible to make a vibrant platform for startup accelleration on a small island in the middle of the Baltic Sea?


Business Center Bornholm wanted to develop an accellerator programme for boosting new startups and leverage the business development potential of local clusters within food, design and tourism.

Although comparatively low in numbers compared to established businesses, startup activitity plays an important role in the local economy, providing a fresh inflow of  jobs, inspiration and people with new perspectives.

With a geographic location outside the neighbouring startup hotspots in Copenhagen, Malmö and Berlin Business Center Bornholm had to look for creative ways to establish a competitive offer that could attract talented teams and ideas for a startup programme on Bornholm.


With a special focus on food startups, designers, makers and the tourisme industry the 588 startup programme had a strategic focus to build upon the success of existing clusters on Bornholm.

With an intensive accellerator format participants had 22 weeks to go from idea to concept based on design sprint methods. The programme provided workshops, mentoring and specialist consulting to work through issues of product development, marketing and business plan development.

As a special feature the programme offered innovation partnerships with local companies that provided advice and assistance on developing prototypes and sales trials to test ideas in the market and get real customer feedback.


Over the course of one year the 588 startup programme attracted more than 100 applicants and executed two accellerator seasons with 30 participants.

Two pitch finals were carried through and the programme and participants were featured in local and international newspapers, magazines and TV.

 Co-Creative initially developed the concept and fundraised the programme and Søren Femmer Jensen headed the accellerator as programme manager for the 588 program during a two year period of execution.

Read the stories and learn about the startups on the 588 website >> 

Client: Business Center Bornholm

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