CASE Study - crowdfarm

Giving sustainable food and farm projects a platform to launch with help from the crowd.


As crowdfunding has grown to become a new and accepted way of marketing and financing new products and services, so has the competition for attention and funding.

With the entrance of specialised niche- crowdfunding platforms in the UK and US the idea was to launch the first curated crowdfunding platform in the nordics focused on sustainable food- and farm projects.

The high consumer awareness on organic and local authentic food culture provides a new market opportunity for a specialty platform as an alternative to the big mainstream platforms.


Together with an interdisciplinary team including Booomerang founder Michael Eis, local food system specialist Tina Schjerling and  technical partners from Karolina Fund in Iceland we built Denmark’s first curated crowdfunding platform from scratch. The platform was targeted exclusively at the sustainable food and farm community in the Nordics.

As part of the launch we held a series of workshops and online seminars training and coaching the first selected group of participating startups in how to run succesful campaigns.

We also made a crowdfunding guide especially for food and farm project including best practice and inspiration on how to create rewards and run social media to get enough funders.



Crowdfarm helps natural foodpreneurs, chefs with a green attitude and a new generation of good farmers find capital and collaborators to make new nordic food ventures happen.

The platform has succesfully funded the first projects and received higher than usual scorings on collection amounts and audience reach.

Also, the launch of the platform included national media coverage in Denmark to give participants exposure.

Client: A Co-Creative venture made together with

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