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Innovation, strategy and facilitation

We facilitate strategy development, innovation processes and user-involvement based on codesign tools and sprint formats. Combining analytical and creative methodologies we drive strategic processes, concept development, group visioning and ideation. It is our ambition to actively involve stakeholders in innovation processes to build shared visions.

Developing vision and brand communication for transitioning Bornholm into a 100% green and sustainable society by 2025.

Developing identity and marketing campaign for the national Startup programme IværksætterDanmark.

Communication and branding

We provide strategic communication services within branding, graphic design, video, photography, digital solutions, PR and marketing. Co.Creative is not your usual advertising agency. Our approach is to do things that naturally earn the desired attention. Combining storytelling with “storydoing” we use events and prototypes to walk the talk and get messages through – backed by real stuff.

Project consulting

Co.Creative develops and executes interdisciplinary and crossborder projects with a special focus on circular economy, green transitioning, sustainable business, green construction, food projects and the creative sector.  Project services include project development from initial ideation, partnership creation to descriptions, budgetting and fundraising. We use our branding skills to give projects a communicative edge and assist on marketing and PR to ensure projects get visibility.

An EU South Baltic Intereg living lab project on using codesign methods for implementing new household waste sorting methods.

Bornholm’s first startup accellerator programme 588 with 5-month design sprints.

Startup Accelleration

We design and execute startup programmes and platforms to accellerate preseed and seed startups. Our knowhow spans the execution of accellerators and design sprints for teams as well as building physical startup hubs. We also work with individual teams on concept development, business plan modelling, communication, crowdfunding and pitches.

Rural-urban transformation

We do integrated planning and execute citizen-driven development of regions, towns and local communities. Our work is rooted in the systemic approach identifying and activating local ressources while building connections between countrysides, towns and cities. People is always at the center of our work fusioning local insights with professional architects, designers, engineers and planners to create meaningful transformations.

Facilitating architectural competition on master plans for the small town of Allinge that hosts Denmark’s largest political festival. View case >>

Development and launch of the first curated food crowdfunding platform in the Nordics.

Community development

We develop physical and online communities to establish new shared cultures, symbiosis and platforms of collaboration.

Our approach

Design thinking

Whenever possible we leave our desks to facilitate dialogues, ideate, prototype, test and iterate ideas in real life together with clients and users.


We use scientific analysis, people-focused research methods and hardcore number crunching to provide facts that support the creative process. 

Business models

We value economic sustainability and apply  business model innovation that make solutions financially sound.

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