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Design thinking. Whenever possible we leave our desks to facilitate dialogues, ideate, prototype, test and iterate ideas in real life together with clients and users.

Knowledge. We use scientific analysis, people-focused research methods and hardcore number crunching to provide facts that support the creative process.

Business models. We value economic sustainability and apply  business model innovation that make solutions financially sound.

Core services

Project consulting

We develop, fundraise and execute interdisciplinary and crossborder projects with a special focus on circular economy, waste management,
green transitioning and sustainable business. We also do smaller local projects typically in partnerships with a broad base of stakeholders.

We hold extensive experience in executing and delivering results within the special frames of larger partnership-based projects based on combinations of public and private funding. We use our skills within branding and design to give projects a communicative edge and provide assistance on marketing and press relations to ensure projects get public visibility and attract relevant stakeholders.

As part of our services for sustainability projects we provide assistance on project design, project development including writing of text descriptions, budgets and completing applications for fundraising.

Startup Accelleration

We design and execute startup programmes and platforms to accellerate preseed and seed startups. We have a long experience working with startups and SMV’s and with a special focus on building concepts around sustainability and circular economy. Our knowhow spans the execution of accellerators and design sprints for groups and individual teams and building physical startup hubs.

We have indepth knowhow of policy and activities to kickstart local startup ecosystems involving a broad range of stakeholders from entrepreneurs to established businesses and other stakeholders..

Also, we work with individual teams and provide assistance in concept development, business plan modelling, crowdfunding, investor communication and pitches.

Through Prototyping Lab Bornholm we offer startups access to technologies and expertise for rapid prototyping. See more here. >>

Rural-urban transformation

We do integrated planning and execute citizen-driven development of regions, towns and local communities for sustainable living, especially in rural regions.

We see ourselves as an external R&D department for those communities and regions that choose to disrupt the dominant ideas about centralisation and urbanisation – and instead go for local developments, seeing rural areas and smaller towns as potentials for economic growth, nature-based experiences and sustainable modes of life.

Our work on rural-urban transformation is rooted in the systemic design approach identifying and activating local ressources in local communities, while creating new connections between countrysides, towns and cities. People is always at the center of our work connecting local ideas and insights with professional architects, designers, engineers, planners and businesses to create meaningful transformations of landscapes, built environments and local ecosystems.

We experience a rennaissance for the life in countrysides where digital infrastructures, sharing economy, access to knowledge and democratic, decentral production technology opens new possibilities for social, economical and environmental development in peripheral areas.

Green Buildings

We develop and facilitate initiatives in the construction sector that support natural and healthy building materials, circular construction and open source architecture.

From the very beginning of our company foundation Co-Creative has been involved in  ambitious and pioneering sustainability projects for the construction sector. We co-developed the plans for first hydrogen city in Scandinavia. We have taken part of one of the biggest collective efforts to train green construction workers. To spread knowledge about green building practice to houseowners we designed and curated Denmark’s first permanent sustainable materials showroom. We have developed large scale projects for sustainable housing in the Nordhavn region in Copenhagen and been involved in circular construction demonstration projects on Bornholm. And latest we have taken invested a lot time into circular economy projects dealing with turning waste into building materials.

Finally,  we have been formative in creating green networks for architects and the construction sector stakeholders, trusting that collaboration and sharing of best practices is the way forward to reach a sustainable building practice.

As of latest, we have cofounded the business association REPA Regenerative Production and Architecture supporting open source architecture and local production of sustainable building materials.

More than ever we are curious and motivated to push the sustainability of the built environment forward, and offer our services as innovation advisor to regions, municipalities and individual projects.

Local Food Systems

We are dedicated to finding ways of reviving small scale local food producers and bring back diversity, ecofriendliness and ressilience to Nordic farm regions. 

To reshape the startup culture of farming we advise on and co-develop iniatives and platforms that allow a new generation of organic farmers and local food producers to start up. We provide insights on the field of community supported agriculture and crowdfunding for sustainable food production as new ways of creating viable business models for food and farm startups. 

We support regions with ambitions for growing the local food landscape including initiatives and platforms to give new farm startups access to land, machinery and communities of collaboration. 

To help individual teams we advise on business models and product development for small producers with a special competence on adding experience economy services and enlarging the value chain through product development going from the bulk market to direct selling of produce.

Communication and branding

We provide strategic communication services within branding, graphic design, digital solutions, marketing and PR to support sustainable initiatives, startups and organisations.

Co-Creative is not your usual advertising agency. Our key approach for communication is first and foremost to do things that naturally create and deserve the desired attention. Storytelling is important but we always try to create results through “storydoing” with events, prototypes and walking the talk.

Less buzz, more action – let’s get started!

Want to know more about how we can work together? Get in touch with us.

Søren Femmer Jensen
Founder & Innovation Advisor
Phone: +45 30 27 91 11

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