CASE Study - Walk & Talk Circles

Design and implementation of Denmark's largest walk & talk landscape in Ballerup.


Sokrates did it. Niels Bohr and Steve Jobs did it. Used the dialogue on foot to release creativity and force of thought. And studies confirm that physical exercise during the workday raises your energy level, engagement and creativity..

To improve staff working conditions and create a more healthy workplace the organisations of Tryg Group, Nordea Life and Pension together with Ballerup Municipality joined forces to form one of Denmark’s largest business parks into a lively outdoor business park for having walking meetings.


We facilitated concept development, design and implementation of the walk & talk landscape in Ballerup leading a crossdisciplinary team of architects, landscape designers and outdoor furniture producers.

Besides the actual landscape we produced a booklet and map for assisting and encouraging employees in switching from traditional sitting meetings to outdoor walking meetings.

The development process also included workshops, interviews and research into the work culture of participating companies. After the first 6-month period of test usage we conducted a midterm evaluation report based on interviews with users providing recommendations for future improvements.


The complete walk and talk landscape included 7 kilometers of meeting routes in a nature area in Lautrupparken business neighbourhood in Ballerup.

The pioneering project has received very positive feedback from users and was selected by Danish Architecture Association as a best practice example of architectural landscapes with added social, economic and environmental value.

As a result of the project having walking meetings has also been adopted as a part of the bill of rights for the +3.000 employees at the Tryg Group.

Client: Tryg Group, Nordea Liv & Pension, Ballerup Municipality

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