Co.creative is an innovation and communication consultancy driven by design thinking. We are here to grow local economies, accellerate startups and build better communities. Let’s make a difference together!

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Circular Ocean

Circular economy for discarded fishing nets
codesign circularity business models

Project Wasteman

An EU South Baltic Intereg living lab project on using codesign methods for implementing new household waste sorting methods.

We provide integrated communication services within branding, graphic design, digital solutions, social media, video, photography and PR.

We do integrated planning and execute citizen-driven development of regions, towns and local communities for sustainable living, especially in rural regions.

We develop physical and online communities and drive codesign processes to establish new shared cultures, symbiosis and platforms of collaboration.

We develop and facilitate initiatives in the construction sector that support natural and healthy building materials, circular construction and open source architecture.

We design and execute startup programmes and platforms to accellerate preseed and seed startups. We also work with individual teams on business development and funding.

We develop local food ecosystems through community supported agriculture, crowdfunding, business model innovation and high-value product development for small scale food producers.

What our clients say

“The Eyde Cluster chose Growing Pathways and Co-Creative to facilitate a foresight building workshop for the clusters Think Tank.
By relocating to a remote lighthouse and carefully guided by the insightful facilitators, the Think Tank managed, over two days, to work on a wide open scope, yet simultaneously managed to formulate concrete inputs for the further development of the cluster.
We are very grateful for the strong knowhow and personal commitment the team brought to the table and how they managed to create passion and insight with the participants.”
Christophe F. PinckInternational relations at Eyde Cluster, Norway
Christophe F. Pinck

Some of our clients


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