Prototyping Lab Bornholm
- together we can make it!

Bornholm is well-known for its maker island skills within crafts, design, industrial manufacturing, architectural constructions and food production. Through partnerships with local businesses and crafts people on Bornholm we provide access to a network-based prototyping lab for food, design, architecture and media production.

With a multitude of production technology and skills available within a 30-minute radius, Prototyping Lab Bornholm is an opportunity for startups and established organisations to go from idea to solution in short time.

Read about the specific fields of prototyping below.

Contact for more information :
Søren Femmer Jensen, Founder & Innovation Advisor +45 30 279 111

Product and furniture prototyping

Our network gives us access to a range of different producers within materials such as wood, metal, clay, glass, paper, stone and textiles. The capabilities goes from hand-made mockups to digital fabrication machinery such as laser-cutting, CNC machining and water-jet cutting.

Food prototyping

Bornholm has become a nordic hotspot for culinary ventures, artisan foods and high-level dining experiences. Our network of producers, chefs and kitchens provide us the possibility to rapidly cook up new food products and test out industrial scale production setups.

With a growing new generation of sustainble farmers supplying organic, biodynamic and fouraged ingredients Bornholm can deliver the innovative raw materials as basis for new sustainable foods and drinks.

Architectural prototyping

Through an emerging cluster of innovative architects, engineers and small versatile construction companies we provide opportunities in the field of architectural prototyping. Bornholm has a proven track record of constructions and buildings that demonstrate sustainable principles such as Green Solution House in Rønne, the Dome in Allinge, Passivhouse concepts, natural buildings and sustainable renovations.

We provide services both for building material development and prefab construction with a special focus on circular and reused materials, design for deconstruction, wood and natural building materials.

media prototyping

Bornholm is home to a broad network of graphic designers, coders, photographers, film makers and other communication specialists situated within maximum 30 minutes distance across the island.

The island also hosts several printing houses plus stunning natural landscapes and everykind of scenographic housing types and town environments as perfect photoshooting settings. 

Through our partnerships we enable rapid mockup of all kinds of materials and campaigns.

We can produce digital mockups as well as physical prototypes of catalogues, packaging, signage and other printbased materials with the possibility of local communication directly with everyone involved.

shop prototyping

To enable rapid market tests we cooperate with local stores and temporary locations for hosting pop up shops. Annually Bornholm has more than 500.000 visiting tourists from around the world making it an international test base for users with many different backgrounds and nationalities.

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